Cannabis Can Do Medicinal Wonders

Cannabis is something that would either trigger giggles or frowns to many. The mere utterance of the word would invoke mixed emotions and perhaps some fond memories. But, unfortunately, we grew up in a world that has misunderstood the uses, benefits, and improvement that cannabis can bring to a multitude of people.

Medical Uses of Cannabis

Multiple studies have shown that a lot of diseases may be treated with the use of cannabis. These may range from post-traumatic syndrome disorder to cancer. The treatment may vary, and the effects may also be from improvement of symptoms to even preventing the progression of some diseases. There are now different types of cannabis that you can purchase either for medical or recreational use like Obama Kush shatter.

Cannabis Used for Alzheimer’s Disease

Statistics have shown that over 6 million Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, that is a large population suffering from this disease. Fortunately, studies have shown that specific doses of cannabis are used to prevent the worsening of this disease and that the success rate is highly significant. 

Cannabis Cancer Treatment

Multiple clinical studies and trials have been conducted as to how cannabis can be used with cancer treatment. According to the American Cancer Society, the studies that have been conducted for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy that were given cannabis have had improvements on the adverse and unpleasant effects of chemotherapy, such as severe nausea and vomiting. Doses of cannabis were significantly helpful for these adverse effects.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This mental health issue is most common nowadays, not just for people who have served in the military and law enforcement. Patients diagnosed with this disease have expressed with certainty that cannabis helps in their struggle with post-traumatic syndrome’s effects such as; nightmares, appetite loss, paranoia, self-destructive behaviors, and so much more. Moreover, they have said that the symptoms are significantly decreased or gone altogether with frequent cannabis usage. If you’re looking for a place to buy one, you can shop here.


This disease is highly complicated and unpredictable. Seizures can suddenly occur and could be a complete safety risk. Since this disease primarily affects the brain, studies were conducted on cannabis and its psychoactive properties. Evidence would point out that consumption of cannabis can lessen the frequency of seizures and tone down the episodes. 


Perhaps the most popular use of cannabis as a medical treatment would be to treat glaucoma. Cannabis has had significant success against this common eye disease and has been subject to more studies as this may be a natural cure.


As we progress as a society and medical science still conducts tests on cannabis, we can see successes and benefits from using it. The caveat on these treatments, some are still in their early stages, and numerous tests with repetitive results are needed. Having experts and physicians consulted and their prescription for cannabis would be the optimal choice and not just basing it on hearsay and a web search. Still, the choice would fall on the consumer’s end.