Various Industrial Real Estate Categories

Anyone who requires industrial warehouse space will have an enormous challenge finding it. It is essential to choose a site for your business’s activities that’s the right size. Find out what kind of industrial real estate property will work best for your company to determine how much space you will require for manufacturing. This is essential for understanding the size of the area you’ll need.

What do you need to know?

Office, retail and multi-family (apartments), hotels, land, specialty use, and industrial are the main sub-categories under commercial real estate. The purpose of this article is to give a complete review of the industrial section of CRE like the commercial real estate in Atlantic Canada that can give the reader a fundamental grasp of the advantages of incorporating industrial real estate into their investment portfolio.

Heavy Industry Manufacturing

Large and highly-equipped facility factories produce many different goods, products, and materials with advanced technology and equipment. Extensive manufacturing facilities typically require the equivalent of tens of millions of square feet or several hundred thousand square feet for production, in addition to an energy source that is reliable and loading docks.

Light Industry Manufacturing

Light assembly properties are smaller and simpler than heavy manufacturing. Manufacturing companies like the industrial properties in Saint John specialize in light manufacturing specialize in making smaller parts, which are then stored and distributed using lightweight, portable equipment and can be modified to accommodate new tenants.

Logistic Center

Distribution warehouses deliver products from central locations frequently to ensure that customers get their products efficiently and on time, regardless of where they are physically located. These warehouses typically have one story and more than the size of 50,000 square feet and are used for storing and distributing products for businesses.

General Storage

The primary function of general warehouses is to serve as storage facilities instead of distribution hubs. Since the goods don’t constantly move through general warehouses, this type usually has a lower door /square footage ratio. Cold storage is among the typical industrial applications that they can be used for, but there are many others. If you are looking for a firm , you may check out the commercial & industrial real estate in Fredericton.

Flexible Space

They are designed to give tenants flexibility regarding how the property area is used. Flex storage buildings are ideal for a selection of applications. They are lower in height than many industrial buildings. They comprise at least 30 percentage office spaces, while the remaining area is used for storage space.

Exhibition Area

Showrooms are multi-purpose structures that could be used for displaying goods and storage and offices. In most cases, most of the floor area in a showroom is designated for selling and displaying various items. The car dealership is the most well-known instance of a showroom.

Research and Development

To support businesses that rely on the latest technological advances, “research and development” locations often contain manufacturing, office, and storage spaces. This type of real estate is typically located in a commercial park that resembles a campus and provides sufficient parking space.

Data Center

The term “data center” refers to an extremely specialized kind of industrial structure that provides the power for many computers and telecom equipment. They are accountable for maintaining online connectivity and making cloud storage services accessible to large businesses. The average size of one data center is 100,000 square feet. However, it could be larger.