5 Primary Reasons People Get Tooth Decay

Individuals love to eat, and nothing is wrong with that. Eating and ignoring dental care regimen is. If you are not consistent with looking after your teeth, you’ll likely have dental caries and many more dental issues that may cause systemic conditions and impact your longevity. Dental caries is so common nowadays that even youngsters can have it.

Cavities are long-term damage in a tooth’s hard surface that becomes holes or small openings. Also referred to as caries and tooth decay, cavities are frequently caused by many factors we’ll tackle as we keep going.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay destroys the tooth structure and affects the dentin and enamel layer of the teeth. It frequently starts as a small hole in the teeth and gradually grows when left untreated. Sometimes dental caries doesn’t cause pain when it develops, so it may be challenging to point out if something is wrong. However, people who routinely have dental visits often have their teeth treated before the cavity exacerbates.

If you’re somebody who’s had severe cavities before or just somebody who wants to prevent having it again, we have detailed the five frequent causes that influence tooth decay to help you be aware.

1. Smoking

Cigarette smoking is commonly known as a culprit of severe periodontal disease. Smoking nicotine can dehydrate the mouth, causing foul breath and dry mouth. Furthermore, dehydration increases tartar buildup, causing dental caries and many more oral health issues.

2. Poor diet

Did you know that individuals who love eating sweet and starchy foods are the typical victims of tooth decay? People with a sweet tooth might see their favorite sweet foods as just simple carbohydrate consumption, but little do they understand that they’re producing acids in their mouth that may break down and damage the teeth’s protective enamel.

Furthermore, they risk getting teeth stains as the germs that eat sugar in the mouth deteriorates the tooth enamel, causing the dentin to be exposed and yellowing the smile. However, Invisalign is an excellent solution for individuals with severe teeth stains that can’t be treated with whitening and cleaning treatments. Lastly, it offers many more advantages people will definitely love.

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3. Dental hygiene negligence

When you forget or neglect daily flossing and brushing, you allow dental caries and germs in your mouth. Moreover, this may cause plaque accumulation, damaging and destroying the tooth’s enamel. Neglecting daily dental care regimen is the easiest and quickest way to get cavities.

Untreated cavities can result in tooth loss, and people who love eating sweets only realize this when it’s too late. It’s not unusual to hear people have dental surgery since they disregard the dental care routine in their daily lives.

However, the good thing about this era is that people can choose to keep their severely damaged teeth with endodontic treatment. The root canal surgery procedure is pain-free and can be finished in an hour. With this, individuals can save their teeth and even last a lifetime with proper and careful dental care.

4. Lack of fluoride

Growing up, you may have heard the dentist or a TV ad telling you to always use fluoride toothpaste. Well, fluoride can help the teeth create resistance against plaque and harmful acids and even make them whiter. You might ask your dentist for the highly recommended fluoride toothpaste brands.

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5. Dry mouth

Many people think drool and saliva are sickening but don’t know their function in human health. Apart from keeping the mouth damp, saliva can help rinse plaque away and keep the mouth from getting dry. Professionals claim that people with dry mouths are prone to dental caries and are breeding grounds for bacteria.